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Only a holistic kind of Jewish education that aims at creating a set of ideas, needs, mannerisms, and other elements of Jewishness has a chance at continuing the link between the Jewish people and their past. There is an immediate need for a school to provide us what we need most: Jewishly educated leadership. - Rabbi Adin (Even Yisroel) Steinsaltz
Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, located in the heart of Jerusalem, provides a highly academic Judaic Studies curriculum taught by dynamic staff in a welcoming atmosphere. Mayanot offers annual, semester, winter, summer and post Taglit-Birthright Israel study programs for women and men ages 20 and over.

Jews have always been known as the “People of the Book”. Independent study of our great classics bind us to the past, inspire us in the present, and prepare us for the future. At Mayanot, a strong emphasis is placed on textual study giving students the skills necessary to access great works in their original Hebrew and Aramaic.

In an open academic environment students are encouraged to question, challenge and explore five thousand years of Jewish wisdom and apply it to contemporary society.

Mayanot's unique curriculum encompasses both the intellectual and inner spiritual dimensions of Jewish study. Studying at Mayanot extends beyond the classroom as students experience Israeli and Jewish culture as well as volunteer and go on excursions exploring the Land of Israel.

The result is a fascinating journey of self discovery and personal and spiritual growth.

No Hebrew language, previous Jewish Studies background or religious
commitment is required for acceptance to the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies.
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