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Chassidut - Jewish Mysticism 101

This is a lecture-only course, and acquaints the student with some of the fundamental ideas which form the basis for Chassidic Philosophy. There are no prerequisites to this course as far as Hebrew language skills or previous study of Chassidut. However, it is highly recommended that the student bring an open mind and spirit coupled with a willingness to draw upon life experiences.

Chassidut - Jewish Mysticism 201

This course, which is part lecture and part independent one-on-one study, equips the student with the tools to study through a Chassidic Discourse independently. This includes the ability to understand the correct syntax and language usages as well as follow the logical development of the core concepts in the discourse.

The prerequisites for this course are:
1) A basic knowledge of Hebrew language, reading and comprehension.
2) A basic understanding of some of the fundamental ideas of Chassidut.

Chassidut - Jewish Mysticism 401

This course, which is part lecture and part independent one-on-one study, introduces the student to the depth and complex logic employed by Chassidut. It also features certain Chassidic discourses which are considered to be the core curriculum of Chassidut CHaBaD.

The prerequisites for this course are:
1) A fluency in basic Hebrew language, reading and comprehension.
2) The ability to study through a Chassidic discourse independently.

Comprehensive Israel Education Curriculum

In a time where ideological attacks on the state of Israel are on the rise, The David Project: Center for Jewish Leadership has developed a unique comprehensive Israel Education curriculum, which focuses on the following components:

» Understanding the Arab – Israeli Conflict: From Understanding to Advocacy.
» Inspired Activism: The Jewish Connection to the Land of Israel.

Developed by Harvard University Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, the curriculum is intended to instill students with an understanding of the Arab – Israeli conflict, with the advocacy and organizational skills needed to support Israel in the general community, and with a strong sense of Jewish purpose and pride in the land of Israel and the Jewish People.
Among the highlights of the course are video clips from Israeli, Palestinian and World media, in-class debates on emerging current events, hands-on advocacy exercises and an educational field trip on the topics discussed in class.

Contemporary Halachic Issues

This course introduces the student to the methodology of contemporary Halachic derivation and legislation. This course includes a survey of Jewish Legal texts and responsa which shed light on contemporary issues confronting Halacha, such as euthanasia, abortion and business ethics.


This course introduces the student to the text of the written Torah. The course is divided into two parts with two distinct goals. One furnishes the student with the necessary skills to analyze the classic commentary of Rashi, the other introduces the student to sophisticated analysis of a particular topic in the weekly portion.

Forays in Jewish Thought

A survey style lecture course of study of the philosophical foundations of Judaism. Readings of classical Jewish philosophical and theological works with an emphasis on their contemporary relevance.

Halacha 101

This lecture style course introduces the student to basic laws essential to practical Jewish living. The course surveys the laws of Kashrut, Shabbat and Prayer as well as the laws pertaining to topical Jewish festivals. There are no Hebrew text ability prerequisites for this course.

Halacha 201

This course introduces the student to basic Halachic texts in the original Hebrew. The 'Shulchan Aruch' and 'Shulchan Aruch HaRav' are some of the texts studied. The course focuses on selected topics including lifecycle events, daily practice as well as laws topical to the Jewish calendar. To enter this course the student should have a basic but solid grasp of Hebrew reading and a rudimentary level of comprehension.

Halacha 401

This advanced course in Halacha consists primarily of guided one-on-one study ('chavruta'). The course introduces the student to the complex methodology of Halacha through in-depth study of the texts, including Tur, Shulchan Aruch, Shulchan Aruch HaRav, Sha"Ch, T"aZ and the Magen Avraham. To enter this course of study the student must have proficient Hebrew reading and comprehension skills and has generally graduated from Talmud 204.

Jewish History

This introduces the student to the history of Jewish tradition and the development of Torah in the context of, and with particular emphasis on its relation to, World and Jewish History throughout the ages. The course begins at the point of creation in the book of Genesis and concludes with the creation of the State of Israel in modern times.


This course introduces the student to the methodology of the Mishnah. The student learns to delineate and define the text of the Mishnah into the two subcategories;
1) Case
2) Law
Additionally, this course plays a pivotal role by introducing the student to classical Hebrew through the Mishnaic text. The class is divided into equal parts preparation (one-on-one study) and interactive group learning.

Navigating Jerusalem with Biblical Episodes

This exciting course explores particular episodes and stories of the Prophets and the Writings which are related to specific locations in and around Jerusalem. Culminating in an extensive tour with sources in hand, the stories come alive in front of you.


Utilizing a goal-oriented curriculum, Mayanot’s innovative Eight-Step Talmud Program gives students, with little or no background in Jewish learning, the necessary skills to be able to study Talmud on their own.
1. Talmud – 101:
Introduction to the Methodology of the Talmud
Understanding historical and textual context.

2. Talmud – 102:
 Introduction to the Terminology of the Talmud
Familiarization with terminology, logic, and structure.

3. Talmud – 201:
 Comprehension of the Talmud
Understanding the text with a tutorial.

4. Talmud – 202:
 Advanced Comprehension of the Talmud
Understanding the text independently.

5. Talmud – 203:
Acquiring the tools to navigate the classic commentary of Rashi.

6. Talmud – 401:
Acquiring the tools to navigate the commentary of the Tosafot.

7. Talmud – 402:
Analyzing the text utilizing the unique Talmudic process.

8. Talmud – 403:
Application of Talmudic logical process to Jewish legislation.


Written by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812), Tanya is the central text of Chabad Chassidut. It's stated aim is to show a path to realizing ones purpose and developing a deeper relationship with G-d.

Topics in Chassidut - Jewish Mysticism

An inspiring weekly seminar course focusing on a specific concept of topical spiritual significance. This course introduces the student to the world of Chassidut – a unique form of mystical Judaism fusing reason and faith within the context of a coherent theosophical system.

Ulpan 101

Studying Hebrew in English, this beginners level of Ulpan introduces to the Hebrew language based on the renowned immersion methodology of Rabbi Shlomo Eitan. The main focus is basic written and spoken Hebrew with minimal attention on grammar.

Ulpan 102

Studying Hebrew in Hebrew, this intermediate level of Ulpan emphasizes Hebrew Grammar and conversational Hebrew. You can study in Ulpan 101 and this course concurrently.

Ulpan 103

Studying Hebrew in Hebrew, this advanced level emphasizes Grammar and Classical Hebrew readings from the Tanach.