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The focus at Mayanot is on learning. In addition to traditional classroom study, Mayanot offers a unique Jewish and Israel experiential educational experience that includes:

Living in Jerusalem
Living in Jerusalem is an amazing experience! Both the Mayanot Women's and Men's programs are located in the heart of Jerusalem and are walking distance to the Old City and to the bustling town center with its charming sidewalk cafés and shops.

The strong sense of community and feelings of comradeship, both within Mayanot and with the local Israeli population, is one of the highlights that many students speak of when reminiscing about their experience at Mayanot. Mayanot's apartment-style dormitories provide the prefect venue for creating long-lasting friendships.

The curriculum at Mayanot puts a strong emphasis on learning the Hebrew language.

Faculty and Staff
Mayanot's caring faculty and staff take a personal interest in every student. Class sizes are kept small and teachers are always available to help students, whether in the classroom, in the study hall, over lunch or after hours.

Volunteering - Social Action
Giving back to the community is a central theme at Mayanot. Volunteering at local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and charities are just some of the ways that Mayanot students help make this world a better place.

In addition, an integral part of Mayanot's philosophy is a responsibility to help and bring joy to our fellow Jews. As such, Mayanot students will cheerfully visit hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) army bases on holidays with gifts and refreshments and bring a lively holiday spirit to those who are ill, elderly, incarcerated and defending the Land of Israel.

Walking in our forefathers footsteps and visiting the many ancient sites throughout Israel deepens our understanding and connection to the Land of Israel. In addition, students who are so inclined will enjoy the many adventures that modern Israel has to offer such as kayaking, hiking, jeeping, rappelling and camping on their days off and during breaks.

One of the most beautiful places to experience Shabbat is in Jerusalem! Mayanot students will normally participate in the Friday night services at the Kotel (the Western Wall) followed by a traditional and festive meal together. Following Shabbat morning services students will enjoy a Shabbat lunch at the home of local Israeli families.

Guest Lecturers
Mayanot is fortunate to have many prominent figures visit as guest lecturers. Past guests have included Current Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger, Former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Rabbi Adin (Even Yisroel) Steinsaltz, Natan Sharansky, Ezer Weitzman, Dr. Lisa Aiken, Yaakov Neeman, Professor Gerald Schroeder and Emmanuel Quint.

Inner Spiritual Dimension
One of the main factors that sets Mayanot apart from other institutions is the focus on the inner spiritual dimensions of the Torah. At Mayanot, studying Jewish Mysticism and Chassdiut, which is essential for living an inspired and passionate Judaism, brings an enlightening perspective to the other areas of study and creates a unique spirit in the very culture at Mayanot.

Farbrengens are informal joyous gatherings, held weekly and on special occasions, with students and faculty. The Farbrengens typically include discussions, personal reflections and singing that are interspersed with toasts, over light refreshments. Visiting dignitaries will often enhance Farbrengens with their participation.

Taking time each day to pray and meditate is an important component for personal and spiritual growth. Services at Mayanot are optional and user and language friendly.