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Mayanot is made up of students from diverse Jewish backgrounds, young women and men from around the globe, who seek to explore 5,000 years of Jewish wisdom.

Oriana Levin
Benjamin Arky
Emily Elman
Tanya Zolotar
Nathan Bird
Ronen van't Hoog
Shoshana Husny
Rebbeca Taxman
Michel Klein
David Nathan
Evette Mazloumi
Sam Griffin
Ilan Kedem
Daria Auerbach
· Bachelor of Arts from University of Pennsylvania.
· Beginning Harvard Law School.
· Tap, Jazz and Ballet Dancer.
· Interested in international human rights and tolerance and diversity issues.
"My time at Mayanot has been truly irreplaceable. The Chassidut, Halacha, Chumash, and Talmud courses here have really opened my eyes to the power, beauty, and intelligence of Judaism. The texts I have studied here have allowed me to really see the significance of Torah and Mitzvot, and the skills I have acquired have given me the confidence to continue my learning for the future. I can say with certainty that my time in Israel would not have been nearly as meaningful and life-changing without the courses and people at Mayanot."
Saul Kaye
· Graduated from Berklee College of Music and University of California, Berkeley.
· Played over 250 shows on 4 continents as a touring music artist.
· Enjoys sports, writing, reading, meditation, traveling and shopping at the shouk.
"I have never experienced such a welcoming and warm atmosphere like I did at Mayanot. Mayanot is the perfect place for both, students just starting out learning about Judaism, and for those who have had previous learning experience growing up. The Rabbis are luminaries, shining knowledge into the hearts and minds of the students."
Nesia Bernstein
· Bachelors degree from Brandies University.
· Masters degree from Morgan State University.
· Awarded Certificate of Completion from the WUJS Institute.
· Professional Violinist.
· Enjoys athletics, reading, nature and playing music.
"Mayanot offers a friendly, warm, accepting, welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment for women on a spiritual journey that are looking for guidance and a challenging structured learning environment. Mayanot has been one of the most positive, and challenging experiences in my life that I feel have made an enormous impact on how I view the world and see myself. I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn in such an amazing place and with such incredible people."
David Huberman
· Graduated from Bradley University.
· Currently studying at University of Illinois College of Law.
· Enjoys traveling, learning and advocating for Israel.
"I came to Mayanot for a summer and ended up staying for a year and a half! The knowledge I gained at Mayanot has been practical in my everyday life - from my law school studies to my Torah learning. However, at Mayanot I learned more than just academics, I learned how to live a meaningful and joyful Jewish life."
Marie Cohen
· Bachelors degree from University of Virginia.
· Avid horseback rider.
· Long-listed for the Eventing Olympic team.
· Competed on the Virginia Alpine Ski Team.
· Enjoys writing, playing the piano, learning new languages, traveling, hiking and photography.
“Through the insight of my teachers, the friendship of my fellow students, and the dedication of all the staff members at Mayanot, I have gained more here than I ever could have imagined. My outlook in every facet of my life has been deepened and enriched through the learning I have done both inside and outside of the classroom. After almost a year at Mayanot, I feel empowered to be able to pursue education and growth in any direction I chose for my future."
Adam Weinstein
· Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Binghamton University.
· Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
· Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist.
· Vice President and Controller at New Mountain Capital, L.L.C.
"I grew up in a non-observant home and studying at the Executive Learning Program at Mayanot helped lay the foundation for my transformation to a more observant lifestyle with an open and tolerant view. Mayanot has a brilliant faculty that help students at all levels of their studies. I am proud of the time I spent there and on top of everything I have taken away a number of lifelong friends."
Melissa Goodman
· Graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
· Worked for several years as an editor prior to studying at Mayanot.
· Enjoys hiking and cooking.
"Mayanot is not just a school, it is a community. The Jews in the Mayanot community are simultaneously accepting and diverse. Although I am not learning full-time at Mayanot now, the community has been extremely welcoming and helpful. It is a really fantastic group of people to be a part of."
Dr. Jeffry L. Kashuk, MD, FACS
· Graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin (BA, Cum Laude) and University of Minnesota School of Medicine (MD).
· Retired Captain, Israel Defense Forces.
· Received Rabbinical ordination.
· Enjoys skiing, mountain hiking, physical fitness, Torah study and community involvement.
· Associate Professor of Surgery at University of Colorado in Denver, and at Health Sciences Center in Denver, CO.
· Attending Surgeon for Surgery, Trauma, and Surgical Critical Care at Denver Health Medical Center in Denver, CO.
"The Executive Learning Program at Mayanot was the jumpstart of my Torah education. The Rabbis at Mayanot showed me the importance of establishing a regular learning schedule and incorporating Judaism into my daily life. This eventuated in my obtaining Rabbinical ordination in Israel after spending mornings learning while working full time at the trauma center in Tel Aviv. These experiences continue to be the foundation of my life, even now, with a busy academic surgical practice, and continue to guide my interactions with my patients, colleagues, and friends. Simply put, Mayanot gave me the substrate to serve as the foundation for my life, for which I will remain forever grateful."
Susie Muller
· Bachelor Degrees from University of Western Ontario and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
· Enjoys dancing, music, roller coasters, ice coffee and learning.
· Enjoys gymnastics and coaching.
· Avid snow boarder.
"Mayanot is the gateway to a deeper appreciation of Torah learning. It is a place where many subjects are tackled and all are taken to the deepest of levels. It is a warm and welcoming family where we help each other emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, in an open environment, to grow as Jews and fulfill our own personal goals."