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Mayanot Women’s Campus
15 Hizkiyahu Hamelech Street
Katamon, Jerusalem 93147
Tel: +972.2.566.7771
Tel: +1.212.980.3414
Fax: +972.2.566.9667
Email: wp@mayanot.edu
Interested Candidates: sw@mayanot.edu
Mayanot Men's Program
The Rohr Campus
28 David Yellin Street
Mailbox 28041
Jerusalem, Israel 9128001
Tel: +972.73.705.0900
Tel: +1.212.980.3414
Fax: +972.2.625.0788
Email: mkomar@mayanot.edu
Interested Candidates: sw@mayanot.edu
Mayanot USA
Friends of Mayanot Institute, Inc.
228 Park Ave South, Suite 96553
New York, NY 10003
Tel: +1.212.980.3414
Mayanot Synagogue: Jerusalem
28 Narkis Street
Jerusalem 9454610
Tel: +972.2.623.6563
Tel: +1.212.980.3414
Fax: +972.2.623.6537
E-mail: yossi@mayanot.edu
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