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Our vision

Creating a Jewishly educated Leadership.

The name ‘Mayanot’ was chosen, based on the verse, “Let thy wellsprings (Mayanot) be dispersed abroad.” (Proverbs 5:16), and captures the essence of our vision – that our students are gaining a deep and enduring knowledge of their Jewish heritage, including the spiritual dimensions, and utilizing what they have learned at Mayanot to enrich their environment and communities back home.

“Only a holistic kind of Jewish education that aims at creating a set of ideas, needs, mannerisms, and other elements of Jewishness has a chance at continuing the link between the Jewish people and their past. There is an immediate need for a school to provide us with what we need most: Jewishly educated leadership

Rabbi Adin (Even Yisroel) Steinsaltz ע"ה

The team


The Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies is established by Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner and Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov, founded on the ideas of holistic and applied learning, and combining the intellectual and spiritual traditions of Judaism.
Partnering with Birthright, Mayanot brings 200 participants to Israel in the first session, and over a decade later having brought 40,000 students, with high approval ratings from participants and the Birthright organization.
The first educational center is established, located at 28 David Yellin Street, adding a slew of new and exciting programs to Mayanot’s repertoire, with short and long term program options, as the student body continues to grow.
As the demand for a highly academic women’s learning program becomes apparent; the Mayanot Women’s Campus opens its doors, creating a unique opportunity for women to learn Gemara, Chassidut, and a broad range of classical Jewish texts.
Continuing the cycle of inclusion, Mayanot adds a year-long Post High School Program, which is initiated to expand the scope of learning to an even wider range of students.
Mayanot launches its new Jerusalem headquarters, broadening the worldwide impact further, with larger facilities for new initiatives and programs, with the purchase of the Mayanot World Center.
Under the leadership of Ryan Shapiro and Adam Weinstein, Mayanot initiates the Alumni Network. Building connections and fostering long term support for an even broader range of alumni projects.

Thank you

Thank you to our community of supporters for helping us strengthen the Jewish people through inspirational Jewish education and for continuing to be a part of our story. A special appreciation is extended to our partners, who invest time on our board and committees.
Jeffrey Cohen
Chairman of the Board
Ryan Shapiro
Chair of the Building Committee
Shlomo Gestetner
Kasriel Shemtov
Executive Director
Abe Erdynast
Board Member
Mordechai Haller
Board Member
Avraham Silver
Board Member
Adam Weinstein
Chair of the Alumni Association
George Rohr
Founder, Mayanot Women’s Program
Joseph I. Gutnick
Founding Chairman
Building Committee
Andrew Abraham
Elie Brender
Shaindel Brender
Karen Cohen
Rabbi Dovid Fisher
Seema Gansburg
Martin Glatt
Melanie Glatt
Josh Goldhirsch
Robyn Goldhirsch
James Oppenheim
Joe Rabin
Louise Rabin
David Schottenstein
Eda Schottenstein
George Rohr
Founder of the Mayanot Women’s Program
Jeffrey Cohen
Chairman of the Board
Ryan Shapiro
Chair of the Building Committee
Adam Weinstein
Chair of the Alumni Association