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Available scholarships

MASA, a joint project of the Jewish Agency and the government of Israel, provides grants and scholarships to enable young Jewish adults to study at Mayanot. Other funding sources are available to help finance your tuition.

In addition to being a tremendous resource at your university, Chabad on Campus also offer great scholarship opportunities. Visit their site and see if you are eligible.

The link below lets you find your local branch of The Jewish Federation. Contact them to find out what grants or scholarships they offer for studies in Israel.

Students who have completed the Birthright Israel trip can extend their stay in Israel for three weeks of study at Mayanot for $199. Contact us to find out more.

This scholarship fund is specifically directed at Veterans from the U.S. army and the IDF, in the merit of Dr. Albert Wasserman.



At Mayanot you will find students who are serious about their learning and teachers who meet their demands. Rigorous textual study of the classical texts of Judaism are central to our curriculum including encouraging intellectual inquiry and vibrant discussions. In addition, you will be introduced to Chassidic philosophy which adds a unique spiritual dimension to the studies.

At Mayanot we believe that it is imperative for a student to develop the necessary skills so that you can approach Jewish texts with confidence and independence. Therefore, an emphasis is put on skill acquisition, including Hebrew language.

Students at Mayanot range in age from 18 through 30, at the Men’s Campus and 20 through 29 at the Women’s Campus. Mayanot also offers an Executive Learning Program for those who are older than 30.

Students are welcome at Mayanot regardless of familiarity (or lack thereof) of Jewish texts and the Hebrew language. However, classes are offered on different levels in order to accommodate our students’ needs.

Part of the Mayanot philosophy is that mastery of Hebrew is vital to your studies. However, no previous knowledge is necessary to attend. We have a strong Ulpan (Hebrew language course) allowing you to progress as your skills develop. As your Hebrew skills improve you will move to classes where Hebrew texts are used.

Mayanot welcomes students from all backgrounds. As such, you will find that within our student body are students who are committed to Jewish practice and those who are not. Students are encouraged to learn and make decisions about their religious lives independently.

Students from all backgrounds are welcome at Mayanot. We give you the tools to enable you to make your own life choices. Our premises, however, are kept kosher and the laws of Shabbat are observed.

There is no dress code for classes at the Mayanot program. However since we do visit religious sites it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing for such visits (i.e. a shirt with sleeves and long pants or a skirt).

Sure! You are welcome to visit (with prior coordination) and sit in on classes. You may also use this opportunity to speak with faculty and students. Please contact us to set up a visit. For the Women’s Program please email: wp@mayanot.edu and for the Men’s Program please email: admin@mayanot.edu

Please see our academic calendar at the bottom of this page, for more detailed information.

Although you can best maximize your time here in Jerusalem by full time study, we know that this may not be a possibility for all students. If you are ready to commit to a serious part-time learning schedule, Mayanot can customize a program to fit your needs.

Yes. New students can join the program on one of our official start dates and stay for a minimum of three weeks. Please see our academic calendar, at the bottom of this page, for start dates.

Yes, you are welcome to join the Mayanot program when your trip is over. See our Birthright Extension Program for all information regarding this great opportunity.

For the Men’s Campus.

For the Women’s Campus. 

At Mayanot there is a great emphasis on skill building and textual learning. In addition, our teachers create an interactive environment where challenging discussions are encouraged.

There is a close relationship between faculty and students. Organized trips and Shabbat meals spent together provide opportunities for students and faculty to meet outside the classroom walls.

Please see our accreditation section, above, for more details.

After we have received your complete application you should expect to receive an answer within 14 business days.

For information about tuition please see Tuition Costs here.

Mayanot offers various financial aid packages and scholarships. In addition there are often grants available for airfare and tuition. Our financial officer will discuss the option with you upon your acceptance. We do all we can to ensure that lack of finances is not an obstacle to your coming to study at Mayanot.

You should receive an answer within two weeks of receipt of your financial aid form and application. Be sure to fill out everything carefully to reduce delays.

Throughout the year Mayanot takes the students on trips around the country. In addition many students choose to travel on their own during school breaks.

Yes. Part of the experience of living in Israel is interacting with Israelis. This is done in part by spending Shabbat with Israeli families around the country.

We understand and share the safety concerns of students and their families. We take all precautions to maximize safety while at Mayanot and on Mayanot trips. Personal safety issues are discussed during orientation.

Most of the daily expenses are included in your tuition (room, board, utilities, etc.). Costs you need to budget for include cell phone usage, laundry fees and any personal spending you do.

You should budget approximately $100 for textbooks. Many of the books are one time purchases and can be used for more than one semester. If you already have a Hebrew/English Tanach (and enough travelling weight) you can bring yours along, if not we sell them here.

There is no specific packing list as we don’t need you to bring anything other than your open heart and mind. We do provide linens and blankets, but no towels.

Yes, Mayanot has a washing machine and dryer for your personal use.

Sure! Many students bring their laptops. We have wireless in the public areas throughout the campus.

The most common way to get from the airport to Mayanot in Jerusalem is by Super Shuttle, called a Sherut in Hebrew. The Sherut service at Ben Gurion airport is operated by a company called Nesher and are available 24 hours a day to major cities such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. They can easily be found just outside the main arrival terminal. The cost per person is approximately $15.00 USD. The other more expensive option is to take a private taxi to Jerusalem.

Another option – There is a bus, #485 to Jerusalem that leaves on the hour, leaving from the second floor. You then take a taxi (or #18 bus ) from the central bus station. Bus costs 17 shekels – taxi from the central bus station would be about about 35 shekels.

There is also a new option – train. It runs every half hour. They are currently on a temporary schedule so please check at the ticket counter. It takes you to the central bus station in Jerusalem from where you would taxi or bus to Mayanot.

Israeli law requires you to obtain a visa after being in Israel for more than 3 months. This process is done in the Interior Ministry and is not complicated at all. Upon acceptance, our office will assist you with this.

Yes! Mayanot has apartment style dormitories, with two or three students sharing a room. We provide linens and blankets, but no towels. You are welcome to bring your own linens and blankets if you wish to personalize your space.

We recommend living in the dorms since living with students on a similar path as yourself and walking distance to where you learn will help maximize your experience. However dorm residence is not a requirement.

The Mayanot Women’s Campus is located on a beautiful newly renovated campus in the quaint Katamon section of Jerusalem, minutes from the coffee shops of Emek Refaim, and walking distance to the Old City, and city center. The Mayanot Men’s Campus is located in the residential Mekor Baruch neighborhood of Jerusalem, minutes from the city center and walking distance to the Old City.

course descriptions
course descriptions
A short course summary guide for each class on offer at Mayanot, including titles and descriptions.

academic calendar
academic calendar
The full year’s sessional dates: including exact program start and end dates and holiday breaks.

class schedules
class schedules
Detailed sample timetables for each of Mayanot’s learning levels