Academic Excellence

Providing students with lifelong tools and a love for independent Torah study

Israel engagement

Creating a gateway for diverse Israel experiences and transformational Jewish education

Jewish Continuity

Nurturing a lasting and sustainable impact for a community of lifelong learners

Global Leadership

Empowering active graduates on campuses and communities worldwide
Empowering Young Jews Through Education Mayanot was founded to cultivate an awareness of Jewish identity and a passion for the Jewish people by creating a Jewishly educated leadership.

Our global impact

Mayanot combines Jewish life experiences with rigorous academic programs, opening rich and diverse opportunities for Jewish expression. The result is thousands of Mayanot alumni across the globe, enriching their respective Jewish communities in all facets of Jewish life.
participants brought to Israel for an experience of a lifetime
graduates of our multiple learning programs
communities positively impacted by our alumni
alumni moved to Israel, positively affecting Israeli society

Gateways to Jewish Learning and Experience

Mayanot is home to four independent divisions, each designed to enhance Jewish continuity and the growth of young Jewish adults, at every stage of their development. Each of our divisions provides a framework for a community of lifelong learners, each embarking on individual journeys towards engagement and leadership.

The Mayanot World Center

For over eighteen years, Mayanot has reached tens of thousands of Jewish students through innovative formal and informal education programs. Today, we are expanding the Center and its facilities to empower a new generation of young Jewish leaders, who can respond to growing threats to Jewish continuity in Israel and the Diaspora with a renewed sense of pride and a strong foundation of Jewish knowledge.