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The Dr. Albert Wasserman Fund

Dr. Albert (Avraham) Wasserman began his career as a lieutenant in the Army Dental Corps in 1943. And having been raised in an Orthodox family, every place he went his carried a small siddur in his pocket. “They (the Army) stationed me in Texas,” he once explained. “I was a machine gun instructor.” After six months, he was promoted to captain and shipped overseas to the European Theatre of Operations to practice dentistry at the front lines. “I was given a one-man clinic… we were behind the lines. I had this dental unit that assembled like a Singer sewing machine, and this soldier, Private Skinner, to keep it going. It was pretty primitive. If I needed more or less speed, I’d say, ‘Faster Skinner, slower Skinner.’ That was the extent of my conversation with Private Skinner all day, every day.” After the Army, Dr. Wasserman returned to Northern California, where he started a dental practice that he worked in for 43 years.


Among the numerous awards received during his career, Dr. Wasserman first became a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, in 1962. He later received fellowships in the Royal Society of Health, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American College of Dentists, the American School Health Association, the International College of Applied Nutrition, the International College of Dentists, the Academy of Dentistry International, the College of Generalists in Dentistry, the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the Society of Oral Physiology and Occlusion, and the Academy of Continuing Education. He was named a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry, in 1971.


Dr. Wasserman maintained his busy private practice in San Mateo, California, a city he adored, for a long career of public service. He was an active member of his synagogue and professionally active in the 17th District Dental Society of the California Dental Association, filling numerous chairs before and after his role as President in 1963. He founded the California Academy of General Dentistry in 1965 and was its president in 1965 and 1966 and he founded the Academy of Dentistry International. He later went on to become President of the Academy of General Dentistry in 1971. He maintained close ties to his school, serving as President of the University of California Dental Alumni Association and in many other roles throughout his career. He founded the Academy of Continuing Education, and was Regent, Treasurer, Vice President, Parliamentarian and President of the American College of Dentists and President of the California Board of Dental Examiners.


Dr. Wasserman never forgot his military service or the importance of Yiddishkeit in his life and family. His son, Dr. Bruce (Baruch) Wasserman—a Mayanot Executive Learning graduate—initiated this military veterans’ scholarship fund as a fitting tribute to his father’s love for his military service and his lifelong dedication to learning and the Jewish people.

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