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Online Learning Program

Mayanot has developed an online learning program due to the global pandemic and current travel bans. We have created two tiers of learning and are excited to offer you this amazing opportunity to learn Torah with us from literally anywhere in the world. With flexible learning options and skill building that will last a lifetime, we aim to cater to students from all walks of life.


Please see below for the registration process for our online learning program.

The registration is currently CLOSED for the ONLINE learning Program, as travel bans have been lifted and students are now able to fly to Israel. 

To apply for the ON-Campus program, click here.


Note: There is a $18 fee, for this application, but no additional charge for the online program itself.

The registration take about 5 minutes to complete.

No Hebrew language, previous Jewish Studies background or religious commitment is required for acceptance to the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies.