Men’s Campus


Mayanot welcomes young men, 18 years and older from different backgrounds and countries, to study together in a supportive, open environment that nurtures a deep love for G-d, the Jewish people and our heritage, and helps them to develop skills for independent Torah learning through individually-designed study programs.


Mayanot offers an array of programs to stimulate the intellect and the spirit through Jewish learning. Mayanot encourages each student to grow and interact with Judaism at his own pace. Mayanot offers full-time and part-time learning programs:


Mayanot emphasizes skill development through a structured textual study and three distinct skill levels tailored to each student’s background and needs. Centered around a core curriculum that provides students with a comprehensive Jewish learning experience.
Engaging and interactive classroom learning with an emphasis on student participation, JSP covers a number of introductory themes taught by dynamic staff, in a welcoming atmosphere. Classes are usually one hour long. JSP is ideal for students who want to explore a variety of topics and experience different learning styles.
No Hebrew language, previous Jewish Studies background or religious commitment is required.

Yeshiva 1
The Yeshiva 1 level puts a stronger emphasis on textual study skills and gives students the tools they need to access great works, specifically Talmud, in the original Hebrew and Aramaic. Classes are one and a half hours long with a follow-up chavruta (peer study) sessions. The Yeshiva 1 level also gives students the chance to work on many diverse texts.
No previous Jewish Studies background or religious commitment is required. Basic Hebrew reading is required.

Yeshiva 2
In this Advanced level, students are encouraged to question, challenge, and explore the classic texts and gain self proficiency. Yeshiva 2 challenges students with more learning experience to gain a better understanding of Judaism through the study of Talmud as well as the philosophy of Chassidut, and Halacha, and provides more time dedicated to chavruta (peer study) sessions.
No previous Jewish Studies background or religious commitment is required. Intermediate Hebrew reading and translating is required.


The Mayanot Men's Campus is located in the heart of Jerusalem, a short distance from the ‘shuk (Jerusalem’s open – air market) and is within walking distance to downtown and the Old City. Our apartment-style dormitories provide the perfect venue for developing long-lasting friendships and community-building.
Daily chavruta (peer-learning) sessions facilitate a better understanding of the material covered in class, speed the development of learning skills, including the mastery of original text material, and help students develop the ability to study independently.
Living in Jerusalem, Mayanot students are able to experience and deepen their unique bond with the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. Studies are brought to life through study tours, trips and Shabbatons (weekend trips) around the country. Students are welcomed into the homes of local families, where they experience the variety and uniqueness of Shabbat in Jerusalem.
Mayanot’s small, intimate classes mean teachers are more accessible in the classroom. More importantly, our dynamic staff is always ready to answer questions and engage students in the study hall, or over lunch.
Giving back to the community is a central theme at Mayanot. We work with students to find appropriate opportunities from an array of volunteering options.
Walking in our forefathers footsteps, we will visit the many ancient sites throughout Israel, deepening our understanding and connection to the land, and bringing our learning to life. Students can also enjoy the many adventures that modern Israel has to offer such as kayaking, hiking, ATVing, rappelling and camping on their days off and during breaks.
One of the most beautiful places to experience Shabbat is in Jerusalem. Mayanot students can enjoy Friday night services at the Kotel (the Western Wall) followed by traditional and festive meals together, or join local Israeli families for a family Shabbat experience.
Focusing on the inner spiritual dimensions of Torah study sets Mayanot apart from other institutions. Studying Jewish Mysticism and Chassidut, which is essential for living an inspired and passionate Jewish life, brings an enlightened perspective and creates a unique spirit in the very culture of Mayanot.
Tefillah (prayer) offers an opportunity for structured and unstructured meditation, important components for personal and spiritual growth. Tefillot at Mayanot are optional, user- and language-friendly, and can be individually guided.
Guest Lectures
Mayanot is fortunate to have many prominent and diverse figures visit as guest lecturers bringing different perspectives and experiences for a well rounded approach to Torah learning.
course descriptions
course descriptions
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academic calendar
academic calendar
The full year’s sessional dates: including exact program start and end dates and holiday breaks.

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class schedules
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“Our goal is that authentic Jewish learning should be relevant, meaningful and inspire a thoughtful life of spirituality and leadership.”